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Engineered Stone - Quartz

Engineered stone is a man-made quartz surface that has the look and feel of natural granite.  Engineered stone offers color consistency.  Primarily comprised of quartz, this product provides unmatched durability.  Resistant to stains and is highly scratch resistant.  

This product is nonporous and therefore requires no sealing – it is virtually maintenance free.  Engineered stone is a reliable choice for food preparation areas.  

Solid Surface (Acrylic)

Solid surface is a durable, long-lasting and renewable surface material.  It is nonporous, stains do not penetrate the surface.  Solid surface has the elegance of stone; however, products such as sinks and backsplashes can be integrated to provide the appearance of a single, solid surface.  Seams are inconspicuous.  

With proper care and cleaning, solid surface resists the growth of bacteria.  

Solid surface is a reliable choice for food preparation areas.






Prestige Stone

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Natural Stone - Granite

Granite is extracted from the earth in its natural state.  Granite provides natural movement, color, and depth that is unmatched by man-made products, making each slab unique.  

Granite requires minimal maintenance.  It is recommended that you seal your stone every 1 to 3 years, depending on its hardness, porosity, and usage.  Application of a sealer is an easy process for the homeowner.  Sealers can be purchased through local homecenters.

Local Slab Distributors: Triton Stone Group - Loxley, AL 251-345-6450



Marble Quality - Pensacola, FL 850-725-7050 ** The number one benefit of Deans working with these local slab distributors is  to allow us to diversify the natural stone selections available to you our customers  without limiting you to our current inventory.